About Us

Crafting amazing articles is at the center of everything that Edmonton Dragon does. We are changing the manner article content is printed by giving writers and publishers access to gifted professionals, powerful tools, and free educational content.

Edmonton Dragon was set in the fall of 2015. Ever since that time, we are proud to have assembled a network of world-class printing pros and helped create over 10,000 posts.

Quality, diversity, and creativity
Publishers and writers expect us to give them quality talent. Keeping a varied roster of professionals guarantees that writers from all walks of life may get the proper individuals to assist. That is our challenge to permit you to exercise your imagination by making certain that our services are perfectly suited to your own genre and price range.

That is the reason you will discover that Edmonton Dragon professionals come from all around the globe: established in more than 30 countries, they’ve worked with customers of all sizes and sensibilities. Our idea is simple: the more perspectives we could bring to the table, the more specific the novels generated on Edmonton Dragon would be. We think in a world otherwise dominated by a mass-market civilization, the demand for a diversity of novels is more than ever.

As you immerse yourself in our ecosystem, you may find that Edmonton Dragon will help at each phase of your publishing journey. Whether you get started writing together with the Edmonton Dragon Content Editor or enhance your prose with help in the market, we can offer the help you want to publish your own story.

If you would like a video, then you can watch another publishing professional answer your queries through our Edmonton Dragon Live events, and that we provide every fourteen days. And also our Edmonton Dragon Learning courses are here to assist any writer through the learning curves from the publishing market.

We supply these tools free of charge so that writers can find out and then focus on what they do best: writing.

We live how our community lives
Edmonton Dragon is made possible due to the extraordinary professionals that have joined our community. They operate from over 600 cities, covering many continents. The Edmonton Dragon team hails from more than ten distinct countries and talks in numerous languages.

We are entrepreneurs, designers, writers, hackers, hackers, engineers, runners, programmers, football analysts, musicians, photographers, readers, travelers, gardeners, knitters, hikers, campers, and hard workers. And we are here to aid you.